Online Security Companies Keep Your Website and Profits Safe

Among the most pervasive and troublesome of hacker activities is the Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack. This form of internet hooliganism can bring down a business’ website, disrupt commerce, and ruin business-to-business (b2b) relationships. These problems lead to losses in profits, data breaches, reduced site performance, and even legal accountability. Any company can fall victim to these online attacks. Accordingly, ddos protection has arisen to stop these problems before they start.

What is ddos protection? To understand the answer to this question, one must first know what a DDOS attack is. It is when hackers use many computers (often controlled through viruses) to send multiple requests for information to a single website. The purpose of an attack is to flood the system with so much traffic that the website either crashes or those who log on are met with a denial of service (DOS) message. DDOS attacks open a network up to exploitation by giving hackers access to confidential information. With the right software and site configuration, however, many of these attacks can be avoided.


Companies like opticca security can provide a series of solutions to the problems caused by DDOS attacks and other cyber-crime. First, these companies conduct penetration testing, a method that reveals weaknesses and exploitable points in a business’ network. Next, they undertake risk and vulnerability management. This involves altering the code of the business’ website and installing layers of protection and verification for network users. The more layers installed, the fewer DDOS attacks that can penetrate the network. A strong user verification system is dependent upon the information security audit conducted throughout the process.

Next, a reporting network is established between the security company and the client business. This allows site managers and network users to report any hacks, problems, or suspicious activities that manage to get through the layers of security. Based on these reports, security firms will do two things. First, they will shore up a network’s defense, ensuring a similar attack cannot happen in the future. Next, they will employ highly-sophisticated cyber-forensics to help authorities locate those who are responsible for the attacks.

A security company’s ddos protection service is combined with the above methods to keep a business’ network and websites safe. Revenue lost due to criminal investigations, network down time, and data breaches can be virtually eliminated with the right security measures. When looking for a cyber-security service, clients should look for a strong, well-described methodologies and a willingness to custom-fit solutions to their business’ network needs and budget. Security measures should be multi-layered, thorough, and easily adopted. The best firms are willing to make improvements upon their security measures, guaranteeing a minimum of hacker activity and problems for a business’ network.